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More than Sixteen Years of Massage Therapy Experience Near YOU

More than Sixteen Years of Massage Therapy Experience Near YOU

Feel relaxed and renewed today!


Feel relaxed and renewed today!

About Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

North Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist #16845

Certified in several therapeutic, medical and sport modalities.

From Pain Management to Stress Management and Beyond…

Nancy specializes in integrating the benefits of Therapeutic Massage with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Treatment is available for Anxiety and Sleep Disorders, Weight Loss Management, Facial Rejuvenation, plus many more.

She applies healing techniques that address each individuals goals.

Years of Client Focus

For over 16 years, Nancy has been applying her skills as a multi-faceted bodywork practitioner, providing her patients individualized, multi-modality treatment plans.

Our Therapies



As much as this form of massage is seen as a luxury, Swedish massage therapy focuses on relaxing the muscles. 

Its traditional application is for relaxation; although, the benefits include improving overall muscular conditions, stimulation to the general circulatory system, reducing physical pain, decreasing mental and emotional stresses, and creating a sense of well-being to the body, mind and spirit.



Sports Massage incorporates the understanding of how and when to work with an athletes muscle groups while executing deep tissue massage to those specific muscle groups. Sports Massage assists the athlete with an increase in flexibility and/or mobility, maintaining tonicity, velocity and energy levels, thus improving performance, while preventing and/or injury decreasing recovery time and the stress and fatigue of competition.


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a technique that focuses on isolating individual muscles and/or muscle groups and then actively stretching them for a time period of between 1 ½ – 2 seconds. This form of stretching promotes the transportation of blood, oxygen, and lymph to the area and can assist in stimulating neurological connections as well. These stretches have been shown to improve almost any physical condition and function.



Medical Massage is usually one that has been prescribed and/or recommended by a physician or health professional.

It is a focused massage treatment that isolates each session on one or more areas of the body and concentrates on a specific injury/ailment.

Medical Massage can compliment a rehabilitation program to assist in reducing pain and shorten recovery time.


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar

Described as one of the most satisfying massages ever… and known as barefoot massage. “Ashi” means foot, “atsu” means pressure. This form of massage therapy is a fusion of ancient Asian roots with western techniques and applications.

The therapist uses overhead parallel bars for support and balance. Foot pressure is used to perform smooth flowing, gliding deep compressive pressure.



Pregnancy Massage specifically focuses on helping ease the daily discomfort and stress a woman’s body goes through while carrying a baby.

Pregnancy massage has been proven to promote relaxation, reduce stress, relieve strained back and leg muscles and reduce any fluid retention or edema.



Amma is a specialized massage that combines tendino-muscular manipulation with compressive, friction and attention to acupuncture points, energy channels, muscles, and joints.

Amma uses the same fundamental principles as acupuncture and herbalism, placing focus on the return of balance and movement of energy in the body. The techniques aim to remove blockages and free the flow of energy, thereby restoring and promoting optimum overall health.



CranioSacral Massage Therapy (CST) is a gentle approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve stress, pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Using a soft touch which is generally no greater than 5 grams - about the weight of a nickel - releasing restrictions in the soft tissues  surrounding the central nervous system. CST can be used as a preventive health measure, to bolster resistance to disease, and is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.



Acupuncture is done by inserting needles and/or applying heat, cups, using a Guasha tool or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points on various parts of the body. Practical applications of Acupuncture treatments include: Moxabustion, Gua-sha, Seven Star, Shoni Shin, 5 Element, and 4 Needle Techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Japanese Meridian Acupuncture.

Menu / Price List

We operate under the "55-minute" hour rule. **Insurance Coverage for Acupuncture is on an individual basis and needs to be verified prior to treatments.


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